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[ network post ] - Second Official Annual Airship Auction - closed

Kupo~ Welcome to the second official annual Airship Auction. Come along and forget those Malboro blues!

Today's airships are...

The Nemesis Imperial - Sold to Quistis Trepe for 25,000 gil
• Refitted, modified Imperial Atomos.
• Powered by a basic skystone - cannot travel over Jagd.
• Bidding started at 25,000 gil.

The Wildcat - Unsold
• Modified Cargo Ship.
• Powered by steam.
• Bidding started at 15,000 gil.

The Falcon - Unsold
• Small steam powered vessel.
• Bidding started at 50,000 gil.

The Origin of Moonlight - Unsold
• Large steam powered vessel.
• Bidding started at 300,000 gil.

The Guardian - Unsold
• Medium steam powered vessel.
• Bidding started at 59,000 gil.

Gummi Knight - Unsold
• Gummi technology – can travel through space.
• Bidding started at 150,000 gil.

Bidding will last for one week. Good luck! is now over. Kupo~

How it works: Bidding will be open to everyone for one week from the initial posting. All bids are public/open - no private bids. This is meant to be a social event, so feel free to discuss the airships with others, as well as bid on them. If you place the first bid on an airship, please mark it in the subject line of the comment.
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